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Your brand matters–you spent years building trust with your users, and all of the content you create should serve to amplify your brand. That's why we've been building out KgBase's new white-label feature. Enterprise users can now customize the KgBase platform on your webpage with your own branding. Use this solution for your team, to integrate KgBase into your website so that it looks like your own product. This solution is also perfect for knowledge graph embeds in articles, blog posts and websites. Here's how to use it: Once you've created your KgBase account, here's how to

How to meet VCs

by KgBase
March 24, 2022

2 min read

Getting the right intros is crucial for startup founders, but it's not always obvious how to do it. At KgBase, we believe sharing social capital is key to raising funds for startups. Without the right network, securing funding can be a daunting process.  We hosted the first virtual Introathon in February to help founders and superconnectors build intrographs to get the introductions they were looking for. But how exactly do startup founders find the VCs that become partners? Here are our tips on how to start: Make a list of VCs you want to talk to. Sounds

KgBase Hosts Virtual Introathon

by KgBase
March 18, 2022

1 min read

On February 24, we hosted our first virtual introathon to bring together founders and superconnectors. The goal was to help build networks and facilitate introductions for startup founders using the Intrograph tool. Liz Demery of the DC Improv led us through some exercises to warm up. After a demo of the intrograph, participants split off into breakout rooms moderated by KgBase staff where everyone introduced themselves. Founders shared their companies, and connectors shared their backgrounds and how they hoped to help. We met founders with amazing EdTech, Crypto and other startups. They shared their lists of VCs they

The VCs founders are dying to meet

by KgBase
March 11, 2022

8 min read

At our first virtual Introathon, we brought together founders and superconnectors to help build networks and facilitate introductions using our Intrograph tool. We met people building amazing ed tech, crypto, real estate and other startups. Each came with a list of who they wanted to meet: VCs who might become partners, founders they admire, people they'd like to hire. The purpose of the intrograph is to encourage people to be generous with their social capital. A warm introduction is always the best way to connect, and we want to help people get the introductions they need. So who

How to create an Intrograph

by KgBase
March 2, 2022

2 min read

Founders who don’t aggressively ask for help are not going to make it. Making the right connections is key when you're raising funds, but cold-calling VCs is not the most effective approach. It can take a little digging to tap into the power of your network. That’s why we created the intrograph on KgBase. It's a tool to help you expand your network, to get introductions to the people you're trying to meet. A personal introduction is  by far the best way to create meaningful connections with potential partners. This tool is aimed to help bring

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