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Find a VC Job

by KgBase
August 6, 2020

1 min read

We realize the massive challenges jobseekers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we decided to use this feature in KgBase to create a VC job board. Here’s an example of the search engine we made using the create website integration.

The first step was crawling over 4,000 job listings from the websites of over 100 VC firms. Then, we uploaded a dataset with the listings to KgBase and made it into a knowledge graph. Finally, we generated a website with our search engine tool powered by our knowledge graph.

Since the data is open-sourced, you can even post your own listings by adding to the dataset HERE. Feel free to share with old colleagues or anyone who might be looking for a VC job at this time.

If you’d like to request more information on how you’re using the KgBase web integration in your own projects, feel free to email us at

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