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How to create an Intrograph

by KgBase
March 2, 2022

2 min read

Founders who don’t aggressively ask for help are not going to make it. Making the right connections is key when you're raising funds, but cold-calling VCs is not the most effective approach. It can take a little digging to tap into the power of your network.

That’s why we created the intrograph on KgBase. It's a tool to help you expand your network, to get introductions to the people you're trying to meet. A personal introduction is  by far the best way to create meaningful connections with potential partners.

This tool is aimed to help bring together founders and superconnectors, to help each other get and make introductions. Set up your intrograph, and check out the other intrographs on KgBase now to make new connections.

How to make an intrograph:

1. Click here to signup for your free account by typing your personal information, user name, and password.

2. Give your new project a name, like “People I Would Like to Meet”, then click “Create”.

3.  You can now see three main sections on your screen: “People I Want to Meet”, “Intro Offers I Received”, and “Intro Offers I Made”. Add people you want to meet by clicking on the small plus sign on the top right of the column - and remember to include as many additional details as you can to make intros more likely.

4. Don’t forget to tell others about yourself by adding a photo, and other information, to your personal profile. You can do that by clicking on the icon with the first letter of your first name towards the top right of your screen.

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