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Introducing Supply Chain Knowledge Graph for Climate Action While ESG disclosures are still voluntary and unstandardized, companies will soon be obliged to tell investors about their “carbon footprint [] ”. Supply chains are the crux of the issue… 90% of companies’ carbon footprint is located in the supply chain, often generated by third-party vendors. As of 2021, there has been more than $130 trillion in pub

A No-Code Approach to Building Knowledge Graphs

by Kenneth Leung, Data Scientist and Licensed Pharmacist
December 3, 2021

7 min read

Leveraging no-code platforms such as KgBase [] to gain fresh insights from relational data Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge [] on Unsplash [] The world around us is filled with rich relationships between different entities. We can

3 Common Docker Pitfalls

by KgBase
October 18, 2021

2 min read

When developing any app to work in Docker, there are a number of pits a newbie developer can fall into that may not seem apparent.  In this post, we map out 3 of these pits so that you can avoid them for your app. Localhost is not local to your localhost If your app configuration requires using an IP address or hostname to access a database or any other external requirement, you must be aware of this pitfall.  Your docker host’s localhost is not accessible in the same way from your docker conta

Introducing Graph UI

by KgBase
August 20, 2020

2 min read

Here at Thinknum, we store an increasing amount of data in graph databases. Using graphs allows us to derive some unique insights, by following a path of relationships and collecting information along the way. The industry has two popular languages: Cypher, with its declarative SQL-like notation, and Gremlin with its imperative style. Using these languages is a powerful way to answer any query you may think of. Graph databases are growing in popularity, as more organizations find that they ar

Find a VC Job

by KgBase
August 6, 2020

1 min read

We realize the massive challenges jobseekers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we decided to use this feature in KgBase to create a VC job board. Here’s an example of the search engine [] we made using the create website integration. The first step was crawling over 4,000 job listings from the websites of over 100 VC firms. Then, we uploaded a dataset with the listings to KgBase and made it into a knowledge graph. Finally, we generated a website with our sear

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