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The companies we work with are innovative and mission-driven. They know how to take advantage of the latest technologies to make smart, company-wide decisions. They turn to tech products like KgBase to visualize company initiatives from project management to consulting to organizational charts. In this blog post, I’ll outline those three angles. From there, you can go on to examine our public knowledge graphs, as well as your private graphs to better understand company management. 1. Project

Creating a human friendly graph format

by KgBase
June 18, 2020

3 min read

What is a graph? This is an example graph: * A graph consists of Nodes and Edges. * Nodes have types (i.e. Actor, Movie) * Nodes have attributes (i.e age, title) * Nodes have IDs that uniquely identify a node. * Edges have a label (i.e 'Actors' in the example above) * Edges have source and target nodes In KgBase, nodes are grouped in tables by their type Encoding a graph in a simple format is an interesting problem: 1- It has more structure than tables (it's a superset of tables), so s

Knowledge graphs are transforming the way people look at relational mapping. It creates a better visual for industries to understand different data and generate insights that they might not have seen before. They’re widely used across industries from businesses, research, finance and even for one’s own personal use. We’ve seen a number of people use knowledge graphs to map out a variety of social networks in those industries. I’ll lay out the different network use cases below and how users ha

When we were launching KgBase on Product Hunt, we had the advantage of using our own platform itself to maximize our number of upvotes on Launch Day. How We Did It The first step is finding a hunter two months in advance. We loaded the entire ProductHunt dataset into KgBase to find which hunter had hunted the most successful products for our space. For example, we identified active hunters who had a significant number of followers. Then we looked at products he launched in our space to see

The Importance of Testing Your Data

by KgBase
May 11, 2020

3 min read

In the software development process, testing plays an important role. Testing ensures the software’s ultimate quality. There are various phases of testing throughout the development process including Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, and User Acceptance Testing. This last phase is particularly important because it is at this point where software is validated to ensure all of the appropriate business requirements have been satisfied before the software is rel

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